Cannabis is illegal in many countries because it is termed as a drug and people who are caught by the authorities smoking or growing it are arrested. In other countries, cannabis growing is allowed at a certain amount, and cannabis lovers grow it in their homes to satisfy their needs. Cannabis is very important in the field of medicine, and it is grown by individuals who have the licenses from the states to grow it since it helps in various medical problems such as relieving pain, treating heart attack and creating food appetite to individuals who are suffering from AIDs. Cannabis is also important to individuals who have excess nausea and it can be used for that medical purpose. Read this Buds Grow Guide

Cannabis like any other plant, it is grown in conditions which will favor it to be healthy and mature naturally. When growing cannabis, you should know it is not applied to pesticides because it has natural substances which prevent it from being infected by insects. In most cases, cannabis growing is nontoxic and does not require fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. The cannabis like any other crops should be grown in well-prepared soils, and it can be grown in different types of soil, but it does the best when grown on sandy soils. The better the soil, the higher its yields since it will get all the required nutrients from the soil and individuals should make sure the soil which they want to plant the cannabis it is enriched with organic fertilizers. When planting cannabis on soil for the first time, it is important to assess the soil to know all the nutrients available and its acidity. It is also good to practice crop rotation when growing cannabis because it will use soil nutrients which were not used by other plants grown on the plot.  

Most people grow cannabis indoors by using containers, and they should ensure the plant gets light for about 12 hours every day since it will be important in making food for the plant. Individuals can buy horticultural lamps to provide light for their crops while others who have windows which can supply adequate sunlight in the most of the day they can use the sunlight and supplement the sunlight after sunset with fluorescent bulbs. When the cannabis has developed enough, and it can produce enough flowers which can make harvest, it is advisable to give the plant 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. More info at  

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